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Basit Ali: A passionate football player from Lyari

  2009 was the year when his dream came true. He was selected for National Football Team of Pakistan and went to Malaysia to compete...
lyari achievers 2016

Lyari in 2016

Lyari in 2016: Lyari in 2016 has proved a fortunate year for Lyari. These are the names who gave exceptional well recognition across Pakistan Mahira Ahmed...
Implementing rights to education

Implementing Right to Education in Lyari

Lyari Education: As per the Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan “the State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the...

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10 Golden Proverbs and Quotes About Successful Life and Career.

In order for us to be succeed, we must set some rules for us to follow in our daily life. Without goals and rules,...


lyari meri nazar se

لیاری میری نظر سے

لیاری کی کچھ دُھندلی یادیں جو اِس وقت ذہن کے اُفق پر آنے کے لئے بے تاب ہیں وہ نوے کی دہائی سے متعلق...