Zarmeena Zar, a dynamic and multiskilled girl

zarmeena zar, women empowerment in Pakistan

Zarmeena Zar, a dynamic and multiskilled girl. She loves to take on new challenges and always prefers to work in the environments which require strenuous efforts. She has demonstrated her abilities in multiple fields. She is social activist, journalist, writer, debater, voice over artist, poet and singer as well.

She belongs to Lyari, the heart of Karachi. While studying, she began to do some sort of community development work by taking the first step from her neighborhood of Lyari. She graduated in Psychology and did her Masters in Gender Studies. Currently she is engaged in doing M. Phil in Gender Studies from Karachi University.

Social Activist

Zarmeena Zar started off with different NGOs while studying. She encountered many hurdles and challenges while working as social activist but she wasn’t the kind of girl to give up. That came to be the reason to possess many awards and certificate on her name like outstanding/best performance, young social activist and writer awards.

She has an inclination to raise her voice against child labour. This is why she chose to do her thesis on the social and economic condition of child labours. Not only that, Zarmeena intends to start her organization by the name of “Markaz-e-Yaqin” in future for the betterment of those children forced to do child labour, through providing them free of cost education and financial help to make their future bright.

She is currently engaged in writing a book and making a short film on the lives of child labors.


“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

This quote has turned out to be inspiration for her to start writing for the enhancement of community. She started writing columns and articles in different newspapers, magazines and websites. She believes in women empowerment so writes on this often. She has been against child labor and contributed her efforts through writing on this as well.

Reporter and News Caster

Zarmeena started her career as news caster, reporter and script writer from VSH news (a Balochi news and entertainment TV channel). Recently she works with BOL TV as voice over artist.

We know that balancing work life and studies is a hard row to hoe but she evinced herself resilient despite the hardship and the rough law and order situation of Lyari. We wish her best of luck for her future projects for amelioration of community and her career as well.