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Youth in Lyari are actively participating in the country’s development in their individual capacities. They are discovering and showing off their potential which has been ignored for years. They are changing the entire impression of Lyari’s past through different ways.

The year 2017 has been an advantageous year for Lyari and its residents. During the year, some Lyari youth social activists and talented ones did credible exertion and gave Lyari an exceptionally well recognition across Pakistan.

The year 2017 started with a hope to revive social development, to promote culture and Art, to engage youth in filmmaking and photography, and other positive and healthy activities. At the start of this year, Lyari witnessed two big projects, HaalHawal and HamaraLyari.

HaalHawal was a series of web videos to highlight not only the issues but defying the way people of Lyari have been discriminated. Where, the first ever website of Lyari, initiated to bring the talent of youth into light through write-ups and changing the entire contents on world wide web, regarding Lyari, from negative into positive.

HamaraLyari holds the credit for being the voice of many Lyari youth. It is HamaraLyari which discovered the gifted artist and singer Uzma Haya Baloch, the boxer with winning-streak – Shahroz Kutchi and many more.


Lyari a prison without wall

Now in the end of this year, three significant events are about to take place back to back, endorsing 2017 as a fortunate year for Lyari. On 26th December, Lyari (A Prison Without Wall) is up for screening. This film portrays the life in this society specifically emphasizing a family who has trapped between dilemmas of life i.e. poverty, social injustice and desire. This film revolves around the life of a young footballer to show his struggle throughout his journey. It highlights the issues faced by ordinary people of the society. It has been directed by Nazeen Baloch, the first Baloch female director who is a student of Film & TV of Iqra Universtiy and produced by international award-winner Syed Ahsan Shah.


Lyari Ki Unkahi Kahani, Lyari, Karachi Arts Council, December

On 28th of December, The second series of book consisting memories of Ramazan Baloch – Lyari Ki Unkahi Kahani – is up for launch on 28th December 2017. In which he shares the memories of happenings from his youth in 1960 up until today – which were not included in his previous book “Lyari Ki Adhoori Kahani”- where he observers Lyari youth effectively marching towards a better and bright future for them. Where many renowned speakers will share their thoughts about Lyari.

On 30th December, a musical event to say goodbye to the year 2017 is taking place by Struggle for Society Organisation at Rose Youth Point, Khadda Market. Where artist from Lyari and all over Karachi will entertain the audience.

The steep developments occurred in 2017 must be brought into the consideration of every individual in order to tell people what has been achieved so far.