Avoid these 5 foods to get a good night’s sleep – Worst Food for Sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep has its own several health benefits, like quicker reflexes, good mood, clear thoughts. Not getting a proper sleep can have serious consequences, like mood change, irregular appetite, immune system and growth issues.

Are you one of those people who toss and turn throughout the night? Well, there are many of us who experience same. Stress is one of the main factors behind it. But research has proved that what we eat throughout the day and especially in the dinner, can affect the quality of our sleep. There are certain foods you should avoid to get maximum Z’s. We have listed 5 worst food that you must avoid to get a good night’s sleep.

Dark Chocolate

People think chocolate to help you relax at night. That’s wrong. Chocolate contains caffeine and calories. It gives you a rush of certain hormones which that can keep you all night up.

Chicken or Red Meat

Chicken and red meat are loaded with proteins and fats that will lead your body working hard throughout the night. These take much longer than other food to break down and digest. Where instead of focusing on sleep, your body focuses on digesting that meat.

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High carb or sugary food

A little bit of sweet before sleep may help you to rest happy but consuming big portions of vanilla cake or anything sweet can spike in your blood sugar level which increases your energy levels and can disrupt your sleep.


Soda is bad for you regardless of the time of day you consume it. Loaded with empty calories, high levels of caffeine, potentially dangerous dyes and sugar, soda is not to have before bed. Soda is a major contributor in disturbing your sleep.

Spicy Food

Spicy foods can give you indigestion. Capsaicin, an active ingredient in chilli peppers, may affect sleep as it changes your body temperature.