Uzma, artist and singer from Lyari

Some people devote much time and energy to get the skills required for drawing and painting and some people have a natural tendency to develop the talent of drawing and painting early or quickly. U

zma Haya Baloch is one of them, who came up with the propensity towards arts and crafts. With the ability to capture light and texture, she can turn anything into an art. Whether it’s architectural, landscape, floral or human, she is able to infuse her drawings with light and mystery. She is best recognized for her pencil work.


Early Life

Usma lives in the neighborhood of Lyari, Karachi. She is the second daughter of Nazar Muhammad, a mariner. She started her early education from a government school in Lyari. Baloch was denied access to get further education after matriculation but she proved that she is a soul who’s made to stop at nothing. She broke the endless stereotype and continued with her further education.  She joined Federal Urdu University for her masters in Islamiat and with her determination and enthusiasm she passed it in 2015 standing top in her university.

Artistic Life

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Uzma was interested in drawing and was curious about learning it from childhood. She says, “When I was seven, cartoon characters attracted me and I started to draw them everywhere like on my notebooks, classroom desks, blackboard and walls of my house.”

She started drawing by her own by using colored pencils and sketch pencil as her media. Her determination and enthusiasm were the reasons that later she began to draw by different materials like oil paint, watercolor, sand, salt and marker.

She always desired to bring her thoughts into reality by using the medium of arts. That curiosity led her to draw many pieces of art but the wonderful thing, is she does these all without any training and classes of arts. She has got gifted talent of art.

Being natively smart isn’t enough; a child needs guidance and support to chase the gifted potential. Unfortunately, Uzma didn’t receive that guidance and support from her family but at least some of the teachers found her talent and encouraged her to do so. She says, “My parents and family member never supported me like they should. My grandfather always believed in me and supported me financially and morally in every step of my life.”

Inclination towards music

Uzma is not just an artist who draw incredible paintings but she sings too. She did well not only in education and art but she owns a beautiful and very pure voice and loves music. Her favorite singer is Lata Mangeshkar. She used to listen Lata’s songs and tried to copy her. One day while singing in front of her classmates she found everyone listening her with interest.

She started a YouTube channel ‘Uzma Haya Baloch’, where she uploads different cover songs sung by her. Recently she participated in ‘Rising Singing Star’ (An all Karachi singing competition), where singing talents from all over Karachi participated. Uzma went with full determination to win the first prize and she did. Yes, She stood first in the competition.

The bitter truth

While chasing the dreams one always encounters hurdles and obstacles. We asked Uzma about it, she replied, “I have faced a lot of troubles while pursuing my passion. Lack of family support is the first thing which could stop me doing what I have done so far. Secondly, the one factor which has ruined a majority of girls’ life is always the threat of “Log Kya Kahen Gay”. That kind of ‘LOG’ always start accrediting girls with filthy and hurtful titles. The same way I have been threatened but didn’t let it deter me.”

There are many talents around us who have gifted talents but due to lack of support and guidance, they are unable to discover their talent. Parents need to find out their children’s interests and support them to achieve what they desire. Uzma has been fortunate enough that she discovered it herself but not most of the children around us can.