Stethoscope or Headphone? Check before they call “Next”

stethoscope, headphone, next

As soon, birth enters the World’s ring, the opponent, death also enters. We all agree the ultimate winner of the final round will be death. During the match, a doctor helps life to prevent losing the game, audience either clap or mourn.

In Lyari, there are many health clinics run by a health provider ‘the doctor’. He has a number of abbreviation/acronyms listed under his name on the signboard hanging outside the clinic. Only God knows what they mean and stand for besides the title Dr.

The Doctor wears a suit and a tie and holds a stethoscope and comes in a car and parks his car outside the clinic, no ordinary person may not image owning a car. This view created a psychological impression for him to be the Healer. Lake of education creates this barrier for an ordinary person to even question the authenticity of the titles on his signboard.

In reality, they are not certified doctors. Use of same equipment without sterilization (thank God due to little awareness they don’t use the same syringe for many anymore) and manually crafted medicine are never prescribed by a real doctor. Actually, the environment created an opportunity for them to continue their practice. They themselves were not doctors but health workers and interestingly they have compounder under them.

R E A D  M O R E
These footballers are shaping the future of many youngsters in Lyari

Real medication, right procedure, and doctors’ experience are key factors to relief from illness otherwise the risk is so high that a patient may end up losing her/his life. Many of them already did and we will never find out.

Cause of not having the right procedures, medicine and experience of the doctor reduces the number of rounds in the ring and ultimate winner finishes his task much earlier. Working at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota USA, I can tell the differences between.

Check and balance is needed to be in place to make sure certified doctors provide health care services. These doctors actually need to be compounders and a certified doctor should be in place to prescribe and treat.

When we lose the game, we have the tendency to put it on God that it was God’s will. Quite the opposite is true.

Dr. uses the stethoscope, through which he understands the heartbeat. When done, says, Next!

The audience for the match (residents and stakeholders) may examine, which player they support otherwise rounds are reduced and the ultimate winner wins the game. Check if it’s a Stethoscope or Headphone before it’s your turn and you are called to be the NEXT!



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Written by: Shahzad Memon