Sohail Raza Baloch – an emerging and promising classical singer from Lyari


You know you have capabilities of singing but taking over that fear of singing for a big audience is a strenuous task. Those who succeed in handling that fear have made a name for themselves. Sohail Baloch’s story is quite similar. It was a marriage ceremony for his cousin. Where he was challenged to sing. He accepted that but facing a big audience including family members and many relatives were the real task, he started shivering and went off the stage. It was his uncle, who brought him back and motivated to do so. That worked, and he sang and pleased the crowd.  From that day up until today, he never stopped singing.

Sohail Baloch, 28, is another deserved and promising singer from Lyari. He has been playing and composing music since his very childhood. He is more into the classical scene and trying to bring some unique and new stuff.

He got inspiration to sing from his father, singer from Lyari, a student of Ustaad Zafar Ali Khan, who guided Sohail about the music. Although he never wanted to take it up as a profession. Baloch shared how the love and knowledge of art and music had always been present in his family. He’s deeply inspired by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He has had no formal training in music but he’s got a  God-gifted mellifluous voice which instantly strikes a chord with listeners.

Due to lack of huge funds and true mentorship, he hasn’t yet hit the mainstream, but he’s making his space day by day. Baloch can become a household name but still, he’s waiting for lady luck to knock at his door. But unfortunately, we doubt that our nation will not recognize him until his talent is recognized by some neighboring countries.