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Lyari is rising. Now that the gang war has been eliminated, people of Lyari are once again doing the things they used to enjoy, like making movies, singing, writing books and even observing the night sky. Yes, someone from Lyari does that too. Let’s meet her today.

No matter where you live in this world, you have right to dream. Living in an underprivileged area or belong to a poor family cannot stop you to dream big. Sama Ibrahim Baloch, a student of 10th grade and resident of Lyari dreams to be an astrophysicist.

She still remembers the moment she fell in love with space. She was only four. “Since childhood shining stars always attract me to explore the vast emptiness of space that holds stars and planets. The curiosity of knowing the beginning of the universe or what was before our universe. How this universe made, from where all elements came from, are we alone, how to find lives in this universe or probably universes; these are some of the questions which make me study more about astronomy and physics”, says Sama.

Recently, she bought a telescope to explore craters of Moon, Venus, Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and Mars. At weekends she takes her telescope and goes out of Karachi with her cousins and friends to explore the sky clearly.

Pursuing her interest in astronomy is not so easy. Field of astronomy is not considered noble and lucrative. But Sama is determined to become an astronomer and learn everything she could about stars and aims to go abroad to study.

Girls are supposed to study medical and commerce and for girls to study in abroad is a controversial topic in our society. For them, girls will not survive alone in a new country and living alone is considered taboo.

Studying at a prestigious university in the UK, USA or Canada will help her to answer her questions to better understand our universe. Working with other experts in this field is her dream to further enhance her skills to become an astrophysicist.

“Teaching others about this field and build an observatory in my own town is one of my dreams to highlight the capabilities of young scientists of Lyari”, says Sama.

Her dream is big, and her passion is incredible. She says, “Don’t let this dream to be just a dream, turn it into reality by working hard every day to achieve this. There are many people who would laugh at your dream or discourage you but never stop believing in yourself, and I believe that everyone is capable to do everything.”

I hope that she will get a scholarship to study abroad once she completes her high school. I believe that Lyari dreams will come true.


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