Lyari’s Kiran Foundation’s founder Sabina Khatri receives prestigious civilian award Sitara-e-Imtiaz

Sabina Khatri, founder Kiran Foundation on August 14, 2020, was announced as the recipient of the highly prestigious, Honour and Civilian Award, Sitara-e-Imtiaz in the category of Public Service by the State of Pakistan.
She is the founder of the Kiran Foundation and works on the mission of spreading compassion and love through her endeavors. With years of dedication to public service, her irrevocable love for the Kiran School System, she has earned this award. Kiran Foundation (KF) is a non-profit organization, which started off as a small initiative in 2006. The Foundation provides transformational education and holistic support in marginalized communities. Rooted in the belief of humanitarian values, the importance of mental health and well-being of self and others. KF educates children and empowers the mothers in a way that is truly nurturing for the whole family unit. KF through its preschool has inducted 145 children of Lyari into mainstream schools of Karachi while also supporting an additional 65 students at colleges and universities.

Another Gold Medal for Lyari

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In 2014 KF adopted the DCTO Government School, through which it provides education to more than 600 students under the Kiran School System, which is based on the Mother-Child approach. In addition to providing education and emotional support through the lens of mental health, KF has also stepped forward as a social welfare agency to mitigate any catastrophe that has hit the individuals of this country. Some of the major humanitarian projects of 2020 include the providence of rations to more than 16,000 marginalized families during the COVID-19 lockdown and rehabilitation of residents of the 7th June building collapse.
We congratulate Madam Sabina Khatri for this achievement and also for making Lyari Proud.