Sabeer Ahmed


sabeer ahmed

Sabeer Ahmed, a resident of Lyari, quit his eduation and decided to work in an auto workshop in his neighborhood of Lyari. One of the many other reasons to quit school and work in an auto workshop, was poor education system, which was unable to divulge his capabilities.

He says, “It’s not that I didn’t dream big to have a white-collar profession with a big and cozy house but it was the system that didn’t let my dreams to come true. Due to improper early education, I couldn’t go further with my education. Teachers and even parents started taking me as a dull student who won’t be able to do anything in his life.”

The significant turning point came in his life when he attended a program “Young Youth Club 2012/2013”. Later he attended a 5-day training conference “Lyari Young Leaders Conference” in September, 2013. These programs encouraged him and gave him a path to follow.

He started his education again and initiated his organization ‘Dreams of Youth’ where he strives to bring peace through theatre, workshops, training programs, seminars and many other events. He conquered his fear and started working as facilitator and trainer.

Awards and Achievements

In March, 2014, he received 1st Position Award in recognition of Performing Theatre by DG Rangers Sindh.

He got shield for his valuable contribution in Youth Engagement In Peace-Building from College of Youth Activism and Development.

Best Youth Facilitator Award from Lyari Junior Leaders Conference.

Maymar-e-Watan Award and Certificate.

His Mission

He is committed to bring change in lives of youth by different means like theatre programs, seminars and training programs on different aspects through working in partnership with others and through specialist outreach teams in communities.

“Positive vibes will bring positive result.” ~Sabeer Ahmed