Power Girls of Lyari: paving the way for diversity

girls of Lyari, diversity

For the world and society’s development, it is vital to break the gender gap. To attain this, young girls must be encouraged to pursue careers in various fields like sports, science, education, music and other to create diversity.

For the past few years, girls in Pakistan have been witnessed breaking the stereotype and marking the history. Girls of Lyari are part of this change too. Here is the list of six girls from Lyari who have become the reason for changing the perception of Lyari and are paving the way for diversity.

Mahira Ahmed Miyanji - LyariMahira Ahmed Miyani:

Mahira runs WIN: Women Is a Nation. She’s all determined to empower the girls in Lyari through free education.

Facing many hurdles in her life, she never let her courage down. This brave girl, with her team of around 12 volunteers runs an evening school for girls without any charges. Read more


Uzma Haya Baloch:


uzma haya baloch - lyari

Uzma Haya Baloch, is a young singer and artist. With the ability to capture light and texture, she can turn anything into an art. Whether it’s architectural, landscape, floral or human, she is able to infuse her drawings with light and mystery.

She did well not only in education and art but she owns a beautiful and very pure voice and loves music. Read more

Maryam Askani:

Maryam Askani, Lyari

Maryam Askani, daughter of sourceless parents belonging to a poor household, lives at Shah Baig Lane in Lyari. Askani is a Doctor of Pharmacy and doing her M.PHil. from Karachi University. Recently, Mariam and her team of PCMD participated in Innovations Collaboration Entrepreneurship Event in Islamabad where students of prestigious universities from all over the country participated with their innovative ideas for better human care. They got the 1st Prize with an Award and a cheque of Rs.100,000/ for For projecting and introducing an innovative heart assault recognition gadget helping the heart patients getting healing in an emergency. Read more


Maheen Baloch, Lyari

Mahin Wahid Baloch

Mahin Baloch is a street children educationist and theatre artist. When she was in 10th grade, she realized that the lack of interest of parents and poverty are the reason of being children out of school. She started not just teaching them free but providing them books and stationery as well. Recently more than 50 children are enrolled in her class and the number is increasing gradually. Read more




Zarmeena Zar:

Zarmeena Zar, a dynamic and multiskilled girl. She loves to take on new challenges and always prefers to work in the environments which require strenuous efforts. She has demonstrated her abilities in multiple fields. She is a social activist, journalist, writer, debater, voice-over artist, poet, and singer as well. Read more