Street Children.

Thousands of people gathered at Expo Centre Karachi for 2nd Family Expo & Talent Award organized by Pakistan Business Forum on 30th December. The event was of two days along with an event where many talented people were awarded National Talent Award for their services towards education and humanity. Orangaib Baloch was one of them who has been awarded National Talent Award for his noble cause of setting up school to educate the street and poor children of Lyari for free.

Unfortunately, the lesson, education is the most powerful weapon in the world, has been largely ignored by policymakers of Pakistan. The government has not yet made much effort in improving education across Pakistan, but Pakistan has numerous dedicated individuals who have started initiatives of imparting knowledge or skills to those who cannot afford it. Orangzaib Baloch is one of the committed individuals.

street childrenBaloch, 26, is a resident of Lyari and recently received his B. Com degree from Federal Urdu University. He runs a school, where around 280 girls and boys are enrolled who otherwise would remain on streets begging or doing domestic works. There are many parents, who cannot afford to send their children to school and don’t trust government schools as they don’t care if a child attends the school or not. Baloch not only teaches them but provides them uniform, school bags, and stationary items too with the minor support of seniors and notables of the community.

Inspired by his father, who himself has been a teacher, and many others, he initiated the school, Students Proper Channel. At first, the school had only a few pupils, but as time went on their numbers rapidly expanded and now the school teaches around 280 children.