Nazeen Baloch – First Baloch Female Film Director from Lyari

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While meeting Nazeen Baloch, this quote of Vince Lombardi was popping up everywhere in front of me, “We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.”

In her early 20s, Nazeen Baloch directed her first film “Lyari a Prison Without Wall’ and accomplished the title of being the first Baloch female film director despite the hurdles and complications.

Nazeen was born and brought up in Lyari. She is graduated in Film and TV from Iqra University. Last year, she brilliantly directed her first film, Lyari a Prison Without Wall, where she effectively tells the story of a family torn apart by a disenchanted father and his football-obsessed son. A story which many of Lyariites relate to, as pursuing their dreams to become footballer, most of them end up having nothing. There are many reasons of which one is the lack of resources and proper guidance.

Being Baloch and making it in a male-dominated industry was a tough decision to make but she stood fast to make it happen even after two years gap in her graduation. She explains, “I completed my bachelor’s degree in 6 years, whereas it was a 4 years program. In between my studies, I took a gap because that time really put me down as I kept thinking that I will never reach my goals. Just because of being a girl and living in a society where people talk a lot about girls. Where people are so biased. I went through hard times. I had a feeling that I’m creating trouble for my family. But thanks to God for blessing me with such a supportive family who always encouraged me to do whatever I thought was good for me. Alhamdulillah, I’m here. completed my studies and being recognized as the first Baloch girl Filmmaker.”


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After completing her matriculation in humanities, she found herself being curious about many things in her society. Speaking about stepping into filmmaking she said, “I started observing things in my surroundings with a different perspective and in a very focused way. I became curious even about little things. That curiosity led me to where I am right now. I joined Iqra University for my graduation in Media Studies (Advertising), but after the first semester, I realized that this was not my thing. Given that, I changed my majors from advertising to film and TV. As I perceived that film is the best way to express things visually, and another matter was to change the perception that Baloch people don’t let their daughters study.”


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As a common thing for many Lyariites, Nazeen also faced marginalization and discrimination. She recalls moments of mocking, taunting, and degrading from people. Which almost every single person from Lyari has faced in life likewise. She took it seriously and set her sight on changing that behavior through film. Eventually, she successfully did so with her first directed film ‘Lyari a Prison Without Wall’. Where she portrayed the life of a common man from Lyari and the hurdles one faces to achieve the goals of life.

As the first Baloch female film director, she serves as an example for girls around to study and choose the fields where they believe they can do their best. She is an inspiration for many girls to be brave and speak up for their rights through channels where actions speak louder than words.