Muhammad Yahya, one of the talented inhabitants of Lyari

muhammad yahya

Muhammad Yahya is a Lyariite. He is a permanent inhabitant of Lyari. He is a talented artist, though he was born in Lyari. He is, in fact, a distinctive symbol of Lyariite’s talent like so many other talented people. Lyari is a less-privileged area of Karachi. It cannot captivate the concentration of the authorities and statesmen. The inhabitants of Lyari are still failing to acquire political or social support of concerned authorities. In these kinds of disappointed circumstances, the personalities, such as Muhammad Yahya are, no doubt, twinkling stars of Lyari, who, with their own help, are depicting the concealing talent of Lyari. We should admire the roles of such faithful and sincere personalities.

Some days before, I talked with Muhammad Yahya to ask about his career and other aspects of life. This short conversation between me and him, with somewhat context, is given below:

Me: When did you start art?

Yahya: I have been making art for more than thirty-five years. I commenced it, when I was studying at school. So, art, now, has become my life. I cannot live without art.

Me: Is your any teacher in this field?

Yahya: Of course, without teacher anything is impossible. My teacher’s name is Ustad Qasim. I have acquired many tricks from him. Ustad Qasim is the owner of Qasim Art Studio. He was, undoubtedly, a competent artist. I am so much influenced with him.

Me: What’s your qualification?

Yahya: I received education upto B.A. level. I received this degree from Federal Urdu University in 1985.

Me: What are your other activities besides art?

Yahya: I am a social worker too. I am the General Secretary of Lyari Right Council, which is aimed at the betterment of Lyariite. I was also the principal of Best Future English School, where I admitted so many students in only 150 rupees per month fee, but unfortunately, a kitchen has been set up there. I want to re-establish my school there. It’s my strong intention. In-Sha-Allah, I will achieve my goal.

Me: What is your stance about education?

Yahya: I think education is the fundamental right of a man. The concept of society is incomplete without education. Every human must get education.

Me: What is your message to the people of Lyari?

Yahya: On the response of your asked question, I only want to read this poetry of Allama Iqbal, the most distinguished poet, philosopher, and in fact one of the greatest personalities of Islamic history:

Khudi ko kar bulandd itna k har taqdeer say pehlay

Khuda banday say khud poochay bata teri raza kia hay

(Develop your self-realisation so highly that before every decree

God will ascertain from you: “What is your wish?”)

Thus, it is my message for Lyariites. We should upgrade our self-realization. We should utilize our power of sensation, so that we could get the exalted dignity in this competitive world.

Here is some works by Muhammad Yahya:


Written by: N.R.Shaaiq

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