Maryam Askani-An Ambitious, Passionate and Determined Icon of Lyari


Maryam Askani

An Ambitious, Passionate and Determined Icon of Lyari

By Ramazan Baloch

She is really an unstoppable soul. Wakes up early in the morning. Usually taking an incomplete breakfast, she hurriedly gets out of her home and with little commuters around at the main road waits for a bus of rout 7-C that will take her from Lyari to (Merewether) Tower. Time is 7.15 a.m. She must reach Tower at 7.30 a.m. sharp otherwise would miss the Point Bustaking students to the University!

She has never missed this Point Bus. Whether it’s raining or somebody is sick at home, even the volatile situation with firing shots heard afar could not infuse fear and stop her from reaching her destination. She comes back to home at 6 p.m. Hardly eats some reasonable diet and then confines herself in her tiny room where books and note books are scattered all around. Her parents have almost given up any attempt for advice of ‘sanity’ to her because they now know she won’t stop.

It is now understandable that she has a mission to accomplish. Ambitious, passionate and determined to achieve something solid and to be proud of. At last she did it after four years. She is now a Doctor of Pharmacy in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Services from Baqai Medical University Karachi, passed Exams in the year 2016. And is Registered A from the Pharmacy Council of Sindh Karachi. Presently she is doing her M.Phil. in Pharmacology on scholarship from Karachi University’s Dr. Panjwani Centre for Molecular Medicine & Drug Research (PCMD).

This is the story of Maryam Askani, daughter of sourceless parents belonging to a poor household, lives at Shah Baig Lane in Lyari. She is uniquely now the most educated person in her family and the neighborhood. But the story does not end here.

Last month a distinguished Innovations Collaboration Entrepreneurship Event was held in Islamabad where students of prestigious universities from all over the country participated with their innovative ideas for better human care. Also went there was a student’s team consisting of eight members from the PCMD. Maryam Askani was one of its significant member. They stayed there for three days and eventually returned with glory and honor for Karachi University’s Dr. Panjwani Centre. For projecting and introducing an innovative heart attack detection device, a gadget helping the heart patients getting healing in emergency, they got the 1st Prize with an Award and a cheque of Rs.100,000/-. Maryam Askani was the happiest girl on earth that day. But she was not alone in celebrating the achievement!

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Saba Majeed, Kanwal Iftikhar, Maha Shahid, Aisha Aziz, Mehwish Subhan, Mehwish Tanveer and Maryam Askani are students of M.phil (Phd Interns) in the KU’s PCMD. They are good friends as well. For participating in the Innovative Event in Islamabad they decided to bring forth something new and more productive.

They came up with developing an heart attack detection device for the cardio-patients. Saad Ali Khan, a student from Sir Syed University, also joined the team and was instrumental in circuit designing of the innovative device. But the important and substantial role was played by the Students’ Supervisor Dr. Shabana Simjee, without her guidance and supervision the “innovative team” would have lost their way!

The Device

The device that won the 1st prize in Islamabad is actually a tiny smart kit/circuit which would be in the possession of a heart patient that will monitor the heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and detecting abnormal signals. Further during emergency situation, it can send text messages to ambulance services (indicating the location of the patient), to relatives and the family physician. This is no doubt in initial stage and more research is needed for better results. But still it is a great achievement by the students.

The Delightful Factor

The delightful factor is that a hardworking and ambitious girl from Lyari Maryam Askani was part of a team that brought pride and honor for this city and its esteemed University. We expect more achievements from untiring Maryam in the future.

The people who are certainly more glad and joyous are her parents especially her father Abdul Aziz Askani who always looks to Maryam as hero!