Mahira Ahmed Miyanji – Empowering Women through Sports and Education


Mahira Ahmed Miyanji


Mahira Ahmed Miyanji, a social figure, who came out for women empowerment through free education and other skill development programs. She started giving tuition in her neighborhood when she was in seventh grade.

A training session in Lahore by the Youth Karachi Initiative changed her life and proved to be her first step towards her dream to empower girls through free education. She was only 18 in October 2013 when she started her initiative Woman Is a Nation (WIN) in the area of Lyari which was the center of extreme violence in the form of a gang war at that time.

Mahira Ahmed had received several threats from them. Despite that, she stood bold and never thought to quit her mission for the welfare of her people, which led her to become an inspiration for girls of the underprivileged area. Her community youth and stakeholders appreciated and supported her for her untiring efforts for the development of their community.

mahira ahmed miyanji

Her organization WIN currently has a network of 2500 girl members. Recently her team of 12 volunteers is engaged in educating 70 girls in the afternoon. WIN has attracted a large number of students from various parts of locality but due to a shortage of space and other facilities, she is unable to welcome more students.

mahira ahmed equality for all

On behalf of her initiative, Mahira received Lyari Youth Icon award by Karachi Youth Initiative in 2014. The following year she was recognized by Karachi Youth Icon. In 2016 she was awarded the Pakistan Youth Icon for her struggle and efforts for women empowerment which according to her was the great moment of her life. Recently she received Dukhtar-e-Pakistan award.

Team of Hamara Lyari wishes her more success and supports her in her initiative.