Lyari Ki Unkahi Kahani, Lyari, Karachi Arts Council, December
Mr. Ramazan Baloch, first from the left

The second series of book consisting memories of Ramazan Baloch – Lyari Ki Unkahi Kahani – is up for launch on 28th December 2017. In which he shares the memories of happenings from his youth in 1960 up until today – which were not included in his previous book “Lyari Ki Adhoori Kahani”- where he observers Lyari youth effectively marching towards a better and bright future for them.

This book consisting 40 chapters attracts the interest of its readers perfectly to read and enjoy each chapter of it. It wonderfully takes its readers back in the time when life was simple, calm and peaceful. When brotherhood and mutual understandings were valued.

This book is written by a person who himself spent a tough life, especially during childhood with no ease but ameliorated his life and his generations which could not be possible without his untiring endeavours. His struggles rewarded him most of the things which he dreamt about, but he’s got still a wish to come true, a wish to see a society free from poverty, hatred, exploitation, and deprivation.

Ramazan Baloch is a credible intellectual of Lyari who is still giving his services to the society being the chief editor of magazine “Sadaa e Junoobi”, issued by District South Karachi and writes columns and informational write-ups for different newspapers and magazine. He is one of the credible intellectuals of Lyari who always prioritize supporting the youth of Lyari morally and ethically.

5 Facts You Need To Know About LYARI 

This book while balancing between past and present gives a strong message for the future of Lyari and its inhabitants. It appreciates the youth to not allowing the circumstances to shape them and asks them to believe that they can make the change through not letting the bitterness of past ruin their future. Whatever be the situation, the first step comes from the belief that one can do it.

Lyari Ki Unkahi Kahani, consisting history of Lyari, will be launched on Thursday 28 December 2017 at 5 p.m. at the Lobby of Karachi Arts Council. The Guest Speakers expected to grace the occasion includes Seher Ansari, Dr. Riaz Sheikh of SZABIST, Dr. Jabbar Khatak of APNS, Senior Journalists, Mazhar Abbas & Nadir Shah Adil, Poetess Saadia Baloch, Dr. Akhtar Baloch Vice Chancellor, BBSUL, Historian Gul Hasan Kalmati.

Dr. Tauseef Ahmed Khan will be the Moderator. This event is being arranged and organized by Ayoob Sheikh, Chairman Cultural Committee Karachi Arts Council.