Lyari in 2016

lyari achievers 2016

Lyari in 2016:

2016 has proved a fortunate year for Lyari. These are the names who gave exceptional good recognition across Pakistan

Mahira Ahmed Miyanji has been entitled to Pakistan Youth Icon on behalf of her educational contributions.

mahira ahmed miyanji

Ahsan Shah has received an international award on his film namely ‘Jawar (Law n order situation)’.

ahsan shah

Naurooz Ghani has been awarded as a Peace Accelerator at National Level.

Naurooz Ghani

Abida Wahid has received a gold medal on behalf of her Master’s degree in first class.

Aseela Abdullah has received a gold medal on Business Management from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU).

Adil and Asim the two identical twin brothers performed at Bradri Broadcast (a National Singing Forum) whence the two brothers represented Lyari as young singer

adil balochasim baloch

Kaifi Khalil has received I am Karachi Hope award in 2016.

Kaifi Khalil

Shabbir Ahmed Armaan has been declared columnist of the year and been awarded by CPNE.

Shabbir Ahmed Armaan

Mahjabeen, a female boxer has been presented with a gold medal at a National championship.

Amir Ali, a male boxer has been presented with a gold medal and represented Pakistan at an international boxing tournament.

Abid Hussain Brohi and Asghar Baloch introduced girls boxing in Lyari.

Anwer Ali Bhatti formed a girl’s scout and introduced it at the national level.

Anwer Ali Bhatti

Three girls from Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University stood TOP at SAP.

Abdul Razzaq has reclaimed Lyari Community development Project and commenced youth activities. The area where LCDP is situated, considered to be a vulnerable place once.

Naveed Baloch, a disable guy, has reclaimed a street School in Kalari which was the most affected area of Lyari in the VE tenure. The school has been reclaimed with the support of the Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI).

Salman Baloch has reclaimed a place that was once the hub of gang war management. Now, the place is being used as a coaching and language institute and engaging almost 400 students.

Sher Muhammad, a public school peon is now administering the school namely Lyari Montessori, being run under KMC. The school is now engaging almost 500 primary children.

A fiction film titled ‘Kaangi (the Crow)’ has been presented with a shield by Jami Mehmood at a National Level.

Adil Bizanjo has introduced community-based film making from the forum of NOSACH Film production.

Adil Bizanjo

Maqbool Ahmed reformed and revived an organization namely Young Educational Society (YES), which was forcibly closed by VE groups.

Maqbool Ahmed

Sabeer Ahmed, a young social activist formed a youth-based organization and conducted numerous sessions throughout Lyari in 2016.

Sabeer Ahmed