Film “Ali – The Lyarian Boxer”, accentuating the struggles of Lyari is all set to release

ali the lyarian boxer, lyari boxers

Lyari is often called mini Cuba due to its people’s craze for boxing. It is home to more than 380 boxing clubs and the birthplace of celebrated boxer Syed Hussain Shah who won Bronze Medal for Pakistan in the 1988 Olympics. Many of its youth including girls and boys dream to be recognized as aspiring boxers, representing Pakistan on international level but unfortunately give up on their dreams for lack of resources and support.

Adeel Wali Raees, a Lyariite film-maker, is all set to accentuate the struggles of Lyari boxers through his latest film “Ali – The Lyarian Boxer”. Recently, the film’s trailer has been released without any mentioning of releasing the date of the film.

Ali the lyarian boxer, lyari boxers
Behind the scenes from the set of Ali – The Lyarian Boxer

The film revolves around the story of Ali, a boxer who has struggled for 20 years for his aim in life, to inspire many as Mohammad Ali, to be recognized as the world’s leading boxer. A person with the lost faith of his parents in sports. They disallow him from taking boxing as a career. Why should they allow their children while having uncorrupted memories of struggles without being acknowledged?

Nadir Baloch, a well-known professional boxer from Lyari, is playing Ali’s role in the film. This will definitely add up more reality in scenes. Watch the trailer here

Every boxer can easily emotionally relate himself to the character of Ali as this story is of every single boxer who aims to make it to international games. We can wait no longer to watch this.