Living Vs Living Well

living vs living well

Natural Health drives the ability to perform in life, then circumstances play a role to gauge and outcome is measured accordingly. It has a start and an end and scale readings fluctuates. Health and environment go hand in hand. They start and end together BUT time limits the both. One measures, after both stops and the results are either seen as success, failure or balanced.

There are many different criteria to measure success, depending on the goal, one may interchange and it may divide the audience. Difference of opinion decides the fate of a individual. There is no hard and fast rule. Eventually, results are vary and accepted differently by varied parties.

We all agree that, there is nothing better than good health in our lives, no matter where we live. Usually, when we find someone lives abroad, we assume as a default she/he has a better life than mine. When we think of abroad we run into some kind of frère tail but loose the sight that abroad is also under the same sky and on the same earth that we are BUT environment changes. Unfortunately, we always see the unseen as exceptional and better without really seeing it and experiencing it.

One may ask a question to her/him self “Do you want to live healthy where you are or live abroad unhealthy”?

For example, when we come to know one of our neighbors living abroad, his family is seen better and richer than yours but it reality needs to be put in assessment to compare whether is YOU or the other person who lives better?

When foreign resident visits, this is his vacation time, he did some shopping and bought new cloths and an elegant perfume to smell and spends more money than a average person in the neighborhood and his living condition is opposite when he is abroad. He doesn’t have social life like you do, he doesn’t eat and sleep like you do. When he send money home, he squeezes everything and may have taken loans to support you and bears heavy International travel expense to visit home country.

While he is in his Country, that’s the ONLY time he enjoys life-which is much less than yours.

It is the difference between the currencies value, which makes the difference that multiplied amount make it easier to buy something in home country and living abroad is the real price the individual pays for. In his heart he may not really like to live and misses his life he grew up with.

The core meaning of life is to maintain relations especially immediate family.  One needs to find if its worth living abroad without family? or on any justifiable reason purpose not to bring the family and live with in abroad.

Living abroad, it’s not necessary you be making more money, you may have friends who make more money than you living in home Country. Other Countries may provide better environment, better air to breath, clean streets, consistent supply of electricity, water and gas. easy to commute etc.,

“Angels brought the keys of treasures in the sky and on earth to the Prophet (PBUH) but he totally refused to accept and took the option of benefit in here after”

The real struggle is to whether live abroad without immediate family which is your wife and children. Not only you have rights on them but they have rights on you too. Wife wants and deserve to live with her husband and her children’s father and children  must live with both parents!

It is important that parent and children bonding is intact otherwise it may put a heavy toll.

Living abroad you may have better money and better environment but health is also very important to have. If you living a un-healthy life abroad, you may change the region to live a healthy life with immediate family.

Stress and pressured in life minimizes the age. What is the point you lived abroad un-healthy and always struggled without wife and your children, as you get older illness find home in you and slow you down. You are depressed abroad and your wife and children live alone and depress on the other side too and children’s grow poor and repeat the cycle as you did.

Though you live in tough environment, there are two layers, one of which is outside of your home. You can totally ignore it. To live happy you avoid looking at others, you just need some food and roof to live healthy and happy and maintain good relations with your family and spent time with them will also boost you health, bear in mind depression is usually caused by external environmental impacts.

Not only health is important, RELATION makes a huge difference in life and improves health.

Not to say, never go abroad but find a balance and make right decisions at the right time. One of the major mistake we do is, we make decisions not thinking how much life has left. Don’t make decisions in your 40’s which were good for when you were in your 20’s. Life declines.

Find a balance, wherever you live, live with your family and gain health and good relations. Figure if it worth living abroad alone and miss relations, though you know simple food and a roof will make you happy. Go be a happiness getter otherwise life loses its meaning- be together! and reflect Devine message be together and stay in touch with.

In addition, we are usually told a sad version of the religion and encouraged to follow it.

Though we are told, Never be hopeless from our Mercy which is a sin. At the time when our Prophet was leaving this world, he said don’t worry about me, I am going to a better place. Better place helps us understand to be positive about it and everyone has to go but always strive to be a better person. And he says, he is the most merciful as his first words to Mankind! it is a unfortunate that we usually tend to fall on sad side of things in life rather positive and happy.

People in Lyari seek emplyment abroad usually in UAE, it may help to visualize and evaluate outskirts of Lyari, its blidly visiable better housing, more consistent basic needs, exposure to latest life style, people more advanced cause of utilizing academic institutions, close to better health facilities, easier to commute etc., and it starts within 1/2 hour journey from Lyari, UAE is couple hourse far usually, costs an annual air trip and brings International constraint and limits family relations. One may observe and calculate distance and time between Lyari and abroad and finacial gain compare to staying intact with family and enjoy family relations and raise kids right, physical existance really matters in life, no matter how vitually adavnace we get.

1/2 hour from Lyari? what is available is pretty much what is available abroad. Perform an analysis if its worth living abroad and bring International constraint?  people maintain it and utilize the options while living locally and fullfil the basic rule of life to live together. Why not a Lyariran?

As we discussed, some food and a roof is suffient enough to live happy and Devine fullfils its promise to provide with air to breath. Live simple, together and happy and call it healthy life.

Wake up positive in the morning after a good sleep, first do the early morning prayers, do some excercise, give a hand to your spouse to make breakfast for family, as soon little ones are up enjoy to see their latest move and actions, ask your spouse and others if they seen a good dream, be jolly inside of the house to everyone. ask everyone what are their plans for the day, make joke to your spouse if she could avoide today to go buy clothes for her. Make children to believe they will get their toys. make plans for the family to go out and eat out on the day off. create an environment of study at home and do kids homework together and see the world at home by internet- Gain knowledge! the realy money. Overall, mostly stay inside with family don’t avoid family and get pushed to go and stay out side on the streets and create gaps and disconnect in family and fullfil eachother wishes as its changes with age and time, be a best friend and kind with your spouse and kids and even help chose their life partners with religious rules implemented, help grow their marriages learn and adjust, provide space to their spouse if they come from a different back groud, think out side of a box and enjoy as grand parents and be out there if their marriages fail, eliminate differences of sects in religion, race, language, last name etc., its natural and positive! Don’t let Culture to drive the religion. Watch out!

Image and treat life positive to gain good relations. Wisely, assess and decide where to live. do things as one team. avoid man dominancy,

– There is difference between Living vs Living Well- look for it.