Waheed Noor, a poet for change
Waheed Noor, in a happy mood at launch of Sukoot Bol Para

KARACHI:  Waheed Noor, a lawyer by profession is making rounds in the literary circle of the metropolis  through his illuminated collection of poetry entitled ‘Sukoot Bol Para’ (Silence has Spoken).

Arts Council
Waheed Noor, Urdu Poet and Lawyer

The book launch was held at the Arts council of Pakistan Karachi, where a large number of literary figures attended the ceremony.

In his collection, the poet took ‘Common man’ as his object of expression and postulated ‘common man’s sukoot’. To the poet, the word ‘Sukoot’ transcends its literary lexis into an abstract or metaphysical form.

Mr. Noor is a Lyariite and belongs to a Baloch family. Despite belonging to a Balochi origin, he has fully accomplished linguistic pragmatics of Urdu  and introduced a new form of rhythmic schema through his poetry. He is fond of  revolutionary zeal and romanticism such as William Words Worth, William Blake, Meer, Iqbal, Faiz and Jalib.

“To understand the universality of poetry and literature we cannot shun the creative approach of the western world. 20th century was an ideal time ideal poets had set milestones in poetry and literature but which are now fast declining due to the growing influence and popularity of technology”, prefaced Prof Dr. Seher Ansari in his speech about Noor’s ‘Sukoot Bol Para’.

Dr. Ansari Further remarked in the preface that Waheed Noor does not only write and muse over the issue related to Baloch Communities but rather he is a benevolent, enlightened and progressive poet who expresses all the concerns prevailing in the society with his artistic cognition.

A celebrated Balochi Poet Mubarik Qazi stated at the event at Arts Council of Pakistan that Noor has good command over poetic skills. “His diction style, technique and source of observation are very strong.”

“Humans fundamentally have two modes of communication but as a poet, they are able to communicate in a third way and that is through their poetry”, remarked a human rights activist, Sadia Baloch.

Sadia Baloch moreover said that Mr Noor has vivid comprehension of politics and religion which has expressed in the form of poetry. “He has given the poetry a new crux”, She added.

“Lyari has sustained its peace after a decade and it is a matter of great pride  that Lyari is producing  young and dynamic poets like Noor” , added Abid Husssain Brohi.

He further said that Noor’s poetry collection would certainly touch newer heights of mainstream poetry. “I would congratulate him on the launch of his first collection on behalf of the entire Lyari”.