Kumail Raza – Potential for Social Change in Karachi

Kumail Raza - Potential for Social Change

Only some come forward to bring social change in society by their vision and dedication. Kumail Raza, a resident of Lyari’s Bihar Colony is one of them. Who stood second position in matriculation examination overall Pakistan held by Aga Khan Board, one of the most developing boards of Pakistan.

Kumail Raza receiving certificate on standing second position in matriculation exams of Aga Khan Board
Kumail Raza receiving certificate on standing second position in matriculation exams of Aga Khan Board

Kumail started his early education from a local school in his neighborhood and later for secondary education he joined Ghulaman-e-Abbass School. Where his constantly getting first position proved him to be a genius student of his school.

With his vision for social change, he initiated a program called “Kar Dikhao Karachi”, a community program that focuses on youth generated initiatives and ideas through connectedness of many communities of Karachi for social reforms. They have done many projects ranging from human rights, environment, to education and training. Such programs can be key drivers of social connectedness for youth of Karachi.

Raza completed two years of English Access Micro Scholarship program from U.S. Consulate Karachi in 2014. Which according to him proved to be a turning point of his life. Recalling that moment he says,

“how can I forget the grand event (opening ceremony) the huge event of my life. How can I forget my extravagant experience? How can I forget the experience of beach cleaning? How can I forget the program which motivated me to go abroad? How can I forget those wonderful days?”

Currently, Raza is enrolled in Habib Public School and studying I.Com. Where he has been selected as a Campus Representative of Youth Parliament as well.

kumail raza youth Parliament

Like his inspiration, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, he believes in smart working and wills to do desired things to achieve his goals. The only thing that differs, is his will to become a journalist.

A L S O   R E A D

Lyari Youth Take up Cleanliness Initiative Across Karachi

Not only that, he’s really a versatile person. He declares co-curricular activities as his strongest zone. Being a sociable person he has a passion for public speaking, through which he achieved many of his goals. Some of his achievements are

  1. Secured 3rd position in All Karachi Bilingual Declamation Contest, where Karachi’s top 12 schools took part.
  2. Stood 2nd position in Korangi Academy’s English Extempore Speech while representing Ghulaman-e-Abbas School.
  3. Received Runner Up Winning shield at PACC in English Debate.
  4. Secured 3rd position in Urdu Debate at Pakistan Shipowners’ College.
  5. Ranked 2nd out of 1000 participants in All Karachi Contest ‘KarDikhao’ under the flag of I AM KARACHI.


Raza wants a society free from corruption with better laws and practices. This is what makes his desire to be a journalist in future so that he would bring the social change in society.
While giving a message to the youth he said,

 “Try to develop a vision and become a legend because success is the untold story constant efforts and prays.”