Karachi Theatre Festival – The First Ever Theatre Festival In Lyari

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September 20, was a memorable day in the history of Lyari. On this day, youth in Lyari under Dream Theatre Theatre FestivalGroup organized the first ever theatre festival ‘Karachi Theatre Festival’ at Gabol Community Centre, Lyari. Where a large number of audience gathered to watch the live theatre plays.

Theatre is a cultural space where society examines itself in a mirror. Theatre educates us about the problems that confront our society and the ways to solve those problems. It is a great way to learn about people, places, culture and ideas which otherwise would not be exposed.

Theatre Festival“We arrange these kinds of programs to show the positive and softer image of Lyari. Though this we intend to bridge the gap between Lyari and outskirts. Most of the people still take Lyari as a ‘no go area’, this should prove them wrong. It’s a peaceful area and the people over here welcome everyone with open hearts.”, Says Sabeer Ahmed – CEO of Dreams of Youth Organisation.

Dreams of Youth Organisation works for youth, for their empowerment, education and different activities. Recently they arranged a big program on Independence Day to connect the communities to celebrate Independence Day.


Karachi Theatre Production, an Orangi based theatre group presented a play ‘Pakistan ki Madad Karo’ which audience appreciated with cheers.

Karachi Arts Council Group performed very well with a strong message of respecting parents. It was a comedy play which engaged the audience in a brilliant way and received much appreciation from them.

Theatre FestivalThe event was attended by many community stakeholders, journalists, social activists and youth of the town.




Theatre Festival
Mr. Ramazan Baloch, sharing his thoughts about theatre festival

Mr. Ramazan Baloch, author of book ‘Lyari ki Adhoori Kahani’ and Chief Editor of ‘Sadaa-e-Junoobi’ came up on stage and presented his positive and encouraging thoughts about the efforts of youth in bringing theatre home. He emphasized the importance of theatre in educating people about different realities of life.


Theatre Festival
Co-Founder HamaraLyari.com Obais Iqbal receiving the token of appreciation.

The festival ended with giving certificates and awards to the performers and token of appreciation awards and certificates to the contributors and partners who helped and supported DOY in such ways to make this all possible.