Karachi Among Top 60 Safest Cities

Karachi, Safest Cities, Safe Cities Index 2017
Photo Courtesy : Asim Baluch

The financial hub of Pakistan, Karachi, is famous for its hustle bustle and resilience. Recently, a report by The Economist has placed Karachi in a list of 60 of the world’s safest cities which was never included in the past.

The report called Safe Cities Index 2017 is a 40 pages report by Intelligence Unit of The Economist, which places Tokyo at the top and Karachi at the bottom of the list with an overall score of 38.77. However, for the digital security, Karachi stands at number 54. The report rated the 60 countries on the basis of four categories, namely, digital security, health security, personal security and infrastructure security.

Karachi, Safest City, Safe Cities Index 2017, The Economist
Safe Cities Index 2017

“Although it performs poorly across all of the categories, it was dragged down by a very low level of personal security (60th). This is a reflection of a number of factors, but the main reason is that among the cities in the index, it experiences by far the most frequent and most severe terrorist attacks,” the report said about Karachi.

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Asian and European cities remain at the top of the index of safest cities. Four of the cities in the top ten are East Asian cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore and Hong Kong), while three are European (Amsterdam, Stockholm and Zurich). Surprisingly, no US city makes it into the top ten in the index However Chicago, New York, Dallas and San Francisco performed well in digital security.

This city has varieties of communities from different ethnicities and sects and this city welcomed millions of refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Burma.

Karachi has been facing political unrest, sectarian tension, terrorist attacks and unstoppable street crimes for years. The situation improved in the past couple of years after the involvement of law enforcement agencies of Pakistan, which significantly boosted up the socio-economic activities in the economic heartland of Pakistan.