Lyari Literary Forum Organised a seminar on International Mother Language Day

Lyari, International Mother Language Day, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari

Lyari Literary Forum (LLF) Organised a Seminar on Feb 21’2018 on “International Mother Language Day” in coordination with Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL) and was held in Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari (BBSUL).

The topic of the seminar was “ مادری زبانوں کی زبوں حالی، زمہ دار کون “ Moderator of the Program was Tasmia Baloch, Tasmia is B.S student in International Relations (I.R) in Karachi University and also a member of Lyari Literary Forum (LLF). The First Speaker Tasmia invited on the desk was Professor Akhter Baloch, Akhter is Vice Chancellor of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari and Educationist, Akhter stated: “ If a human is first taught in his own mother language/tongue then he/she can learn better and understand things better and rapidly.”

Second Speaker of the Seminar was Zubair Dehani, Mr. Dehani is a linguist who teaches several linguistic courses such as Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistic, Grammar Semantics Discourse etc and he is also working with IAL. Mr. Dehani said, every language has an importance but initial teaching for a child should be in his own mother tongue so he can be more creative and sharp minded. The main ground of teaching is child’s own home where he knows what language is and second is the school where he knows how to narrate but where both languages clashes then child’s mind get confused and this is the most horrific thing.”

A L S O  R E A D

Third Speaker of the Seminar was Ishaque Hamosh, Ishaque is a Baluchi and Urdu poet and he has many contributions for Baluchi language.

Ishaque stated, where a language is not spoken then the language will be disappeared and where the language is disappeared then the human has no identification and if a human has no identification then he is only existing but not living.”

Forth-Speaker of the Seminar was Ghulam Mustafa Solangi, Mr. Solangi is Senior Producer Ptv, Research Scholar, Author, & compiler of local language dictionaries. He stated that if we are experts in our own language then we can be experts in multiple languages.”

Fifth Speaker of the Seminar was Ali Arqam, Mr. Arqam is a working journalist and a teacher of Pashto language in Habib University. He stated that our government should have concerns about the languages which are being spoken in a very minute level and have threats to disappear. Languages are very precious identity and we should take care of them.”

Sixth Speaker of the Seminar was Dr. Jaffar, Mr. Jaffar is head of Department of Pakistan studies (H.O.D) in University of Karachi (UoK) and an Author, he stated that; to understand a language you should first understand the facts of the language. Every language has a specific specialty and identification but the only person can recognise the specialty of the language, who is expert in his own language.”

The Last Speaker of the Seminar was Dr. Badal Baloch, Mr. Badal is a Literator in Pakistan and in many other countries, Mr. Badal stated that “ Every human has right to know about his language and to get the education in his own language. A human can only express his happiness or pain in his own language in a better way. “ In last, Organiser of Lyari Literary Forum (LLF) Imran Fakir came on stage to Thanks all the people who attended and succeeded this seminar, with the hope that all the people will always be our support. Spread Education, Spread Knowledge.


By: Dur bibi Ishaque, Deputy Organiser Lyari Literary Forum (LLF)