International Day of Peace 2017

International Day of Peace
Photo Courtesy: STL Production

What is International Day of Peace?

Each year, on 21st September, the International Day of Peace is observed around the world. Since 1982, United Nations has begun by unanimous resolution with the ringing of the bell at their headquarters in New York. This day provides an opportunity for all the humanity to commit Peace above all cultural and language differences.

International Day of PeaceUnited Nation’s this year’s theme honours the spirit of TOGETHER. TOGETHER is a global initiative to promote respect, dignity and safety for the ones forced to flee their homes in search of a better life in other countries. According to their theme, this year Peace Day will focus on mobilizing people to show their support for refugees and migrants.

The Day will highlight the shared benefits of migration to economies of the nations. It will also acknowledge the concerns of host communities. Ultimately, it will bring people together and remind them of their common humanity.

What do people do?

People and organizations around the world organize events and take part in various activities on Peace Day. Activities include:

  • Lighting Candles
  • Peace Prayers
  • Plantation for peace
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Peace Walks

Peace means much more than the absence of war. Ordinary conflicts arise from disputes with friends, colleagues, family and neighbours. These all disturb our sense of peace. To mark the day, you can make peace with yourself. Learn to forgive. Learn to let go. You can make every day a peace day through working for harmony at home, workplace, school and in the community.