Hassam Majeed – Tapping the imagination and curiosity of children

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Making toys & recycling materials that were discarded and deemed useless in his childhood inspired Hassam to start an initiative called Make Easy. His model is based on three basic pillars that support his ideology: prototypes, functionality and exposure to everyday science. His mission is to tap the already existing but suppressed imagination and curiosity of children through this fun and interactive educational program.

Let’s read his inspiring story narrated by him.

My name is Hassam Majeed. I am a student of D.A.E. 3rd year. I’m interested in the field of electric form childhood. I like to make electrical equipment. Due to improper early education system, I am not that much good with my studies. Theories leave me disinterested. It makes me bored out of my brains listening to those lectures. I love to make things easy. This interest of me took me to the YouTube, where I started my own channel by the name of ‘Make Easy’, which I call smart scientific art channel. It’s my mission to spark the imagination and curiosity of children by providing them with an interactive platform with lots of fun.

I don’t understand theories in my technical education classes as I should but I love to do practically. The reason is again not getting the proper early education. The contents of the books and the way they are written become sometimes hard for students to get through and do practically. Most of the students cannot pay attention to their projects because of theories. I want to help them through practical videos where they can learn how to do things without the theories.

I don’t have many resources to utilize. I record videos from my mobile. I have made my own mobile stand which I made using PVC pipe. I do editing of videos and upload it on YouTube.

Else of these videos, I do workshops as well. I have been able to arrange only three workshops on different platform so far but I plan for many more. I hope one day my videos and workshop will help thousands of students to understand.

Recently, I have been awarded The Jahangeer Khan Award for Excellence on educating children through my program.