Google shows 1 US Dollar equals to 76.25. Is it a glitch?


Pakistanis couldn’t believe when they saw this

Pakistani ruppe, USD to PKR, Dollar into PKR

While searching on Google, someone found it showing 1 USD euqal to 76.25 and within a while it spread all over. Ones in Pakistani started celebrating but the case was different with overseas Pakistanis. For the first time, people failed to beleive Google. Altough it has been a major source of information.

All Pakistanis went crazy. They stared tweeting about it in their own way

US dollar, USD to PKR

And someone like this

It would be a nightmare for overseas Pakistanis. Someone just tweeted the situation of overseas Pakistanis like this

It seems to be a glitch of Google. It depends on the changes on sources from where Google is crawling this data. We hope that soon they will take over this. Let’s say it’s true then no one can stop one saying “Rok Sako to Rok Lo Tabdeeli Ayi Hai”