It is evident, when a child is born, goes through a lifecycle but comes back to be a child again. Again, is usually forgotten that it (again) repeats itself and we still don’t get to learn from it and stay against it, we don’t do a lesson learned and make it even worse to repeat it, we compete with nature’s law of interchangeable and do the opposite, rather than learn from it that it provides a hint to remember what goes around comes around.

Life in general gives enough of evidence and reflections for it, for example when we lose our relationship with someone and when some sad event takes place and time as a healer we get back together and regret the past and apologies for wrong doing.

This gets so much repeated in our lives but we lose the site of Again. Why not to keep in mind the Again and avoid losing time and effort and invest time in keeping the relation moving or invest in some other sort of progress to have.

As we know we can never understand other’s problem completely as the person which problem belongs to and she/he understands it 100% and knows the complete solution for it. We tend to over impose our solution and suggestion on others because we think we understand the other’s problem fully. One can never understand other’s problem for example one would say “You Don’t Even Understand”. It is a global truth that one can never understand other’s problem Why don’t we listen the problem from the affected person and the solution and try to give a hand in achieving the solution to save time and effort for both or for all?

We may listen many suggestions but share and decide what we think is best to choose- wise.

From childhood to senior ship this goes till we become a cadaver. This helps us understand each of us is given a unique quality and mentality and we must remember the state of life are inter changeable. In my personnel experience, things we underscore about someone or something at some point in life, it becomes very valuable the next time and it’s an iterative process.

What is worst the most that we don’t feel to ask forgiveness of a person while his/her living but when they die, we visit the graves for forgiveness – it’s too late. It is nothing more than being wise but our ego keep presses the wisdom and let it loose when the other person is gone.

It’s our teaching that we may get all our sins forgiven but not from others, this needs to be settled between the two. In response, we exchange our good deeds for bad ones- not a good trade off!

There are enormous examples in our lives when we disconnect our self with someone and got connected Again with for any reason. What we underestimated became wrong estimated, a tense argue turns into a joke later, when we think of it and we laugh at it that what a stupid of me what I argued and yelled. Do we always need to have a reason to re-union all the time, mostly as a form of funeral? Why not we keep in mind it will change Again.

Seems there is a interchangeable process in place which rotates all the time. Old fashion goes away and for sometime people stay away from it and call it old fashion but it comes back and same people start following it again. Bear in mind some years ago “Long Beard” considered bad and now it’s latest fashion and even its uses the religious term “Sunni Beard”

One may think, is it cause of because Earth rotates? Brings Goes to around??

Mecca was in bad shape than Lyari, Divine selected an “Ummee (PBUH)” and delivered blessings to mankind. Never under estimate a region or group of people, Be one!

In Lyari, on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, third person will visit the two to bring them on good terms, this person did the same on last Eid too. Why third person is needed? Why wait till Eid? waste a year long time or maybe you are gone by then, be wise not to lose your relation and remember Again, its interchangeable, will come back again.

People in Lyari visit the cemetery every Eid and relation is never broken with the dead but lives matters with the alive too, keep Again in mind and maintain good relations.

This Eid, HamaraLyari shakes hands with you, hugs you and reminds Again.  Wishes you Eid Mubarak!

Why hug is so strong? It connects two hearts where Divine visits, that’s where religion is dropped, these two hearts always eagerly wait to connect but delays comes from our side.

Greet everyone with openness, exchange gifts, don’t forget the sisters and give help the needy and remember our lives are interchangeable, have a positive Lyari image.

As I write this blog, this minute London hands a cricket match victory! the interchangeable!!!

Happy Eid!