One on One

fasting in ramadan
fasting in ramadan

Fasting is merely seen to restrain from food but it isn’t only restricting ourselves from food. This is just a part of it. Basic fundamental is obedience to God, which is being lost day by day. That God, who has made us free to eat for all the eleven months, just asked us to refrain ourselves from eating and other wrong practices for at least in this holy month of Ramadan.

But the story is different. We tend to only think of food and become emotionally charged what the others are doing. Who is fasting and who is not, which hotel/bakery is open and closed, who is secretly eating etc. We tend to behave as a religious contractor. This creates a hurdle for the one who doesn’t fast or cannot fast for any reason. Why don’t we focus on ourselves and the way we deal with this holy month rather than keeping focus on others’ doing.

We should understand that some people around us might not be able to do fasting. Some of us suffer from such diseases which doesn’t let them be able to fast. Who we are to judge on someone by only fasting.

It’s not worth thinking that restrictions will make someone to fast, if one does, has lost the importance which only restrains from food. No religion teaches religion by force.

Religion is taught by good character. It will make others to realize and follow you as an example, when they see you don’t eat while you can, you show your obedience to God. It is even worth more when the availability is even more but you don’t.

As we know, it’s between God and you, it’s interactive and a direct deposit to your personnel saving account with big margin, the funds you will spend in life after. It suggests us to do our best to purify our inner and not to waste by checking outside of you.

It says, God only looks inside of you not how you look or dress or if you wearing a golden thick round Rado watch or not. Religion resides inside of the heart, that’s where God looks into. Don’t fall into sects rather work hard improving worship, visit him five times a day to his office, all together it does not take more than ½ hour. Rest his office is open 24/7 with no visiting hour restrictions.

We have engulf in division, as our book says “We have created you in different tribes so you can recognize each other”. Recognize is key word here meaning to be together, there is no difference between us, how we look, what language we speak, to where we belong…be one. Otherwise Adam and Eve would have been given an identifier with their names. We focus so much in division and lose the site to invest time in worship and good character, which we will be accountable for.

As we know,” No Arab has preference on non Arab” BUT we should know the other half that we don’t “No Non-Arab has preference on Arab”…….

Some people eat the half Hadith, while fasting and they claim fasting and teach fasting!

Be one on one with God, do your best to fast best, like an opportunity during penalty stroke!

In addition, living in men dominant society, we forget our women, who bring us children, wake up middle of the night to make food for ‘Sehri’, make food for ‘Iftaar’, while fasting. Wash our cloths and raise kids.

In Lyari, men stay outside all the time and women are left alone at home. Why so? When we are aware Heaven lies under Mother’s feet, why are we going away from it? What do we do for our sisters and children, their wishes and hopes? Sisters maintains unconditional love for brothers- Guaranteed.

We live in society,  if a man is friendly and respectful to his family, he is seen weak. Look at Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) life, he always gave a hand to his wives, took tasks from his servants and did it himself and ask them to rest.

If you want to know about someone, check his behavior and relation with his family. We show our respect outside to our friends and other, as soon we enter the house we are the opposite we still get what we need from them.

Give a hand to them inside of the house, spend time with them, and take them out to restaurants, parks, movies, give gifts and support in return what they do for you. There is no shame to be seen with your family out side of house at restaurant or walking, its pride!

It’s taught, “Give what you like for yourself”. Give gifts to your SISTERS, family and friends.

By the way I am the cosmetic supplier for my sisters, sister in laws using a high end designer, it’s all about maintaining a connection of “One on One”

Fast well and think of reward by God. Be good with family and friends– and hope for mercy. The first word was revealed “Read in the name of God, the most Merciful!


-The author is not an angel either.