Faizy Aryan – A Perfect Combination of Good Looks and Talent

Model Lyari

Model from LyariFaizy Aryan (Faizan), with a dynamic personality, is the true face of Lyari in showbiz. By dynamic, I really mean it. He is a multi-talented person. Recently, he is working as a brand ambassador of Dunhill brands, as a model for different fashion brands and engaged with many ventures of event organizing.

Faizan was born in a middle-class family of Lyari in 1989. The start of his journey was so tough but he has always been restless. After completing his matriculation, he started working as labor in a chocolate manufacturing company in Karachi. Later, he succeeded landing a job in SIUT in IT department. Which enabled him to continue with his studies. Recently, he is doing his BS in Commerce from Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari.

“I realized that it is education which empowers us. I did everything possible to continue with my studies. I started taking interest in modeling and showbiz industry as many of my friends suggested me because of my height and looks. When people find out that I am a model from Lyari their perception about Lyari changes.”

Model from LyariHis interest in modeling and showbiz industry of Pakistan took him to some shots in commercial line. He met some good coordinators who helped him to lead his way to different big events too. As an event organizer, he worked at Coke Studio 3, Lux Style Awards and many concerts of singers like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and others.


Model from LyariAs a model from Lyari, he did many ramp walks for big fashion brands of Pakistan and involved in commercials too. He does these all as part time. He’s still working as Data Processing Associate at SIUT as full-time.

Faizan always took the life as a challenge and decided to never settle down till making it somewhere. He believes that it is Allah who has been Merciful upon him to achieve this all in a competitive environment while belonging to a middle-class family.

He is inspired by Dr. Adib Rizvi, who is in his 79, a man who’s spearheaded a life-long mission of providing “free public health care with dignity”. Following him, Faizan wants to get a position where he would be able to help humanity especially the ones with disabilities who cannot work to live their life.

Model from LyariWhile asking for a message to youth he said; “I would like to say that never settle down. If you fall, don’t be shy and cry but get up and go. If you want something with all your heart, go for it, never give up. Don’t let the people spreading negative thoughts. Be positive and then only you will see everything around you with a positive perspective.”