Lyari Gives National Ethical Hacker to Pakistan

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If you think all computer hackers are bad. They steal your data, password or credit card then you would be wrong. Some hackers are actually real heroes fighting on the internet against cybercriminal and injustice. Working hard days and nights just to keep the internet a safe and peaceful place. We call them “Ethical Hackers”.

Who is an ethical hacker?

An ethical hacker or a white hat hacker is a computer security expert who with excellent technical knowledge and skills locates security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in computer systems, networks, and apps with the permission of their owners.

Tehseen Baloch

34 years young Ethical Hacker Tehseen Baloch is the resident of Lyari. This young and dynamic personality has not only assisted in solving complex web vulnerabilities but also played an instrumental role in creating awareness of information security and cybercrimes. He would be one in the millions of Lyariites who defended his country against international cybercriminals and cyber attacks. When Pakistan was hit by a cyberattack and all websites got blocked then one of the fastest recoveries in Pakistan was successfully done by Tehseen and his team. Tehseen also wrote the second chapter in Pakistan’s No 1 Ethical Hacker Rafay Baloch’s Book.

Tehseen from his childhood had the passion and hunger of learning more and more. He completed his graduation from PIMSAT university and now he is doing his masters in cybersecurity. He also got certification in CISCO and CEH. At the age of 13, he started using the computer as a noob and now he is one of the experienced and renowned cybersecurity experts (Ethical hacker) in Pakistan.

Tehseen was always committed to his work. He did penetration testing for different multinational companies and also Pakistani media groups’ official websites. When Pakistan was hit with a cyberattack by another nation; attack included government sites. Tehseen at that time was given the task to recover all damages in a short time that was one of the fastest anti-hack recovery done by him and his team just in a couple of hours. Tehseen has submitted a number of research papers and also presented them in various cyber security conferences. He also worked with Pakistani ethical hacker Rafay Baloch on different projects.

Aim: The hurdles and difficulties Tehseen faced in his early education and throughout life, he cannot see anyone facing, therefore, he set a goal to build a cybersecurity research and training center in Lyari.He wants to play his part to change the negative perception of Lyari from the grass-root level. He is willing to train students of Lyari which in the future could defend our country against any cyber attack.

Message to the youth: Never lose your hope in trouble, just wait and let that time go. If you want to achieve something then difficulties will resist you but with strong ambitions, you will eventually cross that border too. Hard work and passion for your profession is only the way to success.