Sacrifice – Eid Al Adha 2017


By: Shehzad Memon

Faith is remembrance. To successfully complete a ritual, it is important that Spiritual notion drives the physical aspect. For example completing the prayers, we recite to remember (spiritual) and perform actions (physical) to complete the units. Same is true for fasting that we stay hungry and avoid food. In the same fashion on Eid-Ul- Adha we sacrifice (spiritual) and utilize the meat (physical) to let spiritual to drive physical and complete the rituals.

EidIt’s easy to say and easier to forget to keep spirituals and/or physical in mind while performing the rituals. It’s normal to see and observe Physical overrides the spirituals or even worse both are that it’s totally forgotten. End of the day what is left is physical – the meat.

Pretty much the whole year the focus of animal owner to raise the animal with great care and raise them well with great respect and honor and add weight to their body, so animal weigh more and cost more which will be seen as more profit and owner repeats the cycle right after Eid again every year.

Close to Eid, animal is moved from forest which it is inhabitant of and brought for a display at open spaces in cities and tied very closely to each other, such a paradigm shift at his end of time (animals wonder and shocked), why there is such a decline in services for me?

Right before Eid, it becomes like a highly competitive tournament on TV and on the streets that who has the most expensive animal is the man. This becomes a “showoff” show, meaning physical overwrites the spritual. This ritual needs to be spiritual otherwise its loses the mark and this quantity of meat could have been bought at very cheaper cost. Sacrifice money price was paid but actual value was totally lost.

Animal deserves to be sacrificed at their inhabitant where they belong (the forest), as we would like end our lives in our inhabitants. We keep the animals at the cemented floors and totally snatch their environment at the time of end of their lives. They are put on the state of end of their time early on and we show off on top of it. This rituals needs to be sacred as much as possible as preached.

On neighborhoods competition escalates and people are only focused to buy more expansive animal than the others and walk around with it with a pride that “I got a more expensive one than yours” – the purpse is totally lost-

In the event of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) it was all about Spiritual. Not a single focus was on physical.

eidAnimals feel and understand. One the day of Sacrifice, animals are sacrificed in from of one another and our focus is to get this activity done, so we can distribute the meat – the physical.

The real purpose is not even thought of that why are we even doing this? Spiritual notion must be in mind and showoff and completion needs to be ignored rather thinking Almighty.

It is important we respect animals. Once Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saw a person sharpening the knife in front of the animal, the prophet asked are you going kill him twice?

Once he retuned from a battle (his own men died) and saw a child crying for his dead bird, he stopped and comfort the child and buried the bird with him.

After the sacrifice we see animal skin openly loaded on vehicles being shipped, not only in front of people animals too. Disable horses parked in contaminated water at Lyari Naddi, animal organs floating around, Beautiful but caged birds who maintains universe beauty. Bird “Bulbul” is tied with a thread to make him jump from one hand to another. Horses and donkey beaten if they fall cause off over burden, they are already in your full control being tied in the cart from every corner. On top we use the phrase she or he is an animal to degrade the other – At the time of sacrifice, its done as a show – Its not show! get it done quick and as secret as possible. Bear and Monkey is controlled by his pierced nose and dragged all over the city just to make some poor money. One may ask “Who Is Who” between the two. these animals and birds would be on one on one in front The One to question us!

What has happened to us?

As we are asked, remove the obstacles/stones from the path way. Its not only removing the stone BUT also about respecting the stone meaning to put the stone (mini mountain) at the right place. At times these mountains come and destroy you in the form of earth quacks.

Be mindful, when this Universe was created, earth was shaking Mountains given a favor to stabilize the earth we live on. Respect mother nature or pay the price as global warming. Read a well written article by Syed Nadir Bukhari on this website Earth Hour – The Significance and Impacts

Not only live objects react but also the non-live too.

It is important we greatly respect the animals and we keep spiritual definition in mind while sacrificing and don’t get physical only and truly serve the purpose of sacrifice! Distribute the physical to the needy-

Do it right!