Implementing Right to Education in Lyari as par constitute of Pakistan

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As per Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan “the State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law.” But unluckily the trend of privatization has made the government paralyzed to implement Article 25-A.

Lack of basic facilities provided by the government is forcing people to live in abject poverty. It is seemingly impossible for parents to afford all the educational affairs of their children. Social activists of Lyari have taken the initiative to make Article 25-A applicable Before the authorities wake up from the deep slumber.

A poverty-ridden area of Lyari – Shah Baig Lane – which is said to be the abode of Social volunteerism has made an impact by reclaiming a public school and turned it into a “Model Academia” for children. Around 20 teachers are offering their services voluntarily and approximately 500 children are getting education.

“It has been ten years that we are striving to promote free and standard education in our locality.”

Said Sher Muhammad the administrator.

“Rs.50 Million Were allotted for the renovation of the school through Lyari Development Package. The system that we are running could not be made possible without the support of Shafiq-ur-Rehman Paracaha, who was the director of LDP. A part from financial assistance of Paracha, some social activists of Lyari provided uniform and distributed books among students.”

maintained Sher Muhammad.


A report obtained from sources says Lyari has almost 82 public primary and secondary schools. Among these schools, no Montessori and kindergarten schooling system could be seen except the one in ShahBaig Lane and it is KMC boys and girls elementary School No. 19.

A L S O  R E A D

“We have almost 200 children of age 3 to 6 years studying in Montessori and Kindergarten sections.” Stated Sher Muhammad.

“We conduct proper assembly every day and engage children in healthy activities during classes. We plan picnic once a year in order to nurture their talents, Students celebrate Independence Day and Culture days with great enthusiasm and Zeal.”

Said the administrator

“Let’s work for change” is our mission statement. “Said Mah Gul Baloch, the principal of the school. “We want to make this school a role model for the rest of public and private schools.” she claimed and added: “We envision educating unprivileged children with good education and character ethics. We hold parents Counseling telling them how to be responsible to their children.”

“Ten KMC schools out of sixty-one are non-functional and this school was among them. It was our aim to turn it into a functioning school so we did but it’s a pity to see the negligence of educational authorities. We have fifteen non-paid teachers and the remaining five are contractual employees of KMC with a low salary.” Claimed Mah Gul

“Local newspapers (that disseminate news of Lyari largely) have never been in favor of promoting such good efforts. These newspapers always try to distort the perception of people against Lyari, while it has a huge social and political background that needs to be re-established,” remarked Sher Muhammad.

“Some Non-Governmental Organizations visited here and made tall claims to adopt this school but they never appeared. However, the community and NGOs are welcome to support our cause.” Mah Gul mentioned

The deputy Education Officer, DMC South, Nabi Bakhsh, appreciated the staff of KMC school No. 19, saying the school management has set an exceptionally educational atmosphere, which makes it unique to the rest of KMC schools.


He further said that the feedbacks obtained from parents and community notables go in favor of school management. “I am quite contented that Sher Muhammad, Mah Gul, and the entire team are working with dedication and looking after the school in its true sense.” He added.


“We still need to work for bringing improvement in the schooling system. It is to be noted that the school was earlier established as ‘Lyari Montessori’ under the supervision of Lyari Development Package but later was taken into the authority of KMC, after which we deployed five contract-based teachers in school No 19, who are still offering services, while six teachers have been appointed by authorities of LDP. The rest of the volunteer teaching staff would soon attract authority’s consideration as the attention of higher authorities has been drawn by some stakeholders.” Mr. Bakhsh informed inscribe.