Teach your children to be eco-friendly | Tips for Home Grown Nursery

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Teaching our kids about the effects of our daily actions on our environment is essential. Educating them through practical tasks and meaningful actions will make lasting changes. Here are some tips to make your children eco-friendly and take green to a new meaning.

Turn Back to Basics

As a child, my parents always told me to turn off the lights, take a shallow bath and so. We all know that things have changed. We have to do teach our children these all not only because of the rising cost of living but also for the impacts of our actions on our planet.

Small Actions Matter

Each action is counted. You should teach your children to turn off the tap while brushing and when they have wet their hands and applied soap. Also during taking the shower in between shampooing and washing.

Shop Smartly

When you go to buy some toys for children always consider the implications of toys. Always buy eco-friendly products. Like the packaging, if it is packed then consider that what are you going to do with the packaging? What will be the impact of broken or unused toys in the future? Are they easily recycle able or not?

No Processed Food

The processed foods use many ingredients and take in a lot of resources and packaging. For example, chopped tomatoes in a can. Always go for the food which comes straight from the earth. This not only uses minimum resources but helps in nourishing our body.

Recycle Paper

Use both sides of a paper and every side of it to encourage your kids to recycle paper. Once you are done then find the ways to recycle those used papers. This benefits our mother earth in many ways.

Sort Out

Teach your children the process of recycling through sorting the used stuff out in paper, plastic, and tin. Teach them that which container or bottle goes where and how this benefits our environment.

Give Them Responsibilities

Assign tasks to your children. Assign someone on turning off the unused sockets and all those equipment that we have used.

Use Reusable Things

Teach your kids to reuse the items by doing it yourself. Buy them their own bottles of water which they could fill up to go for walks or to go out. Teach them to use reusable containers to take food to school.


Using Own Two Feet

Teach them about the value of using their own two feet. Walking is good for everyone and they may encounter many adventures while on their walk.


Who does not love doing new things? Children love it mostly. They love seeing things grow by their own efforts. Teach them how to grow vegetables and flowers. Take them to the nearest nursery. This way they will start taking care of the trees around them as they will know the actual efforts and time for a tree to grow that much big.

Turn the Electronic Devices Off

Turn off the electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets and take your children to a walk around to see the beauty of nature. This is going to inspire them to care about the environment and surroundings.

Encourage Using Fruits and Vegetables

Most of the kids love burgers and other junk food. But using fruits and vegetables has its own worth and benefits to health and nourishment. Let your children know about these benefits and encourage them to use fruits and vegetables instead of meat and junk food.