education in lyari karachi

‘Religion, population and educationare the essentials for any society to lay the foundation of success. Balancing these all is necessary to succeed, otherwise fail. More it fails, harder and longer it gets to succeed.

Initially, nature provides an opportunity to success but it’s we, who miss the boat. Divine creates the mankind with sense of right and wrong then religion comes to guide us in choosing one between wrong and right and to continue striving for the betterment of ourselves and our society.

Lyari has witnessed many STARTS but DISCONNECT is the issue. This land has produced enough capable talents and initiatives to start with, later it all became hard to connect the dots and stay evolutionary. For example, most of the kids go up to fifth grade but fail to go further due to many factors. Teenager phase starts staying on the streets because there is nothing to be engaged with. Otherwise, they involve in unhealthy.

Environment needs improvement, control over population is needed. Quran clearly mentions, it’s you, who does the feasibility report and indeed it’s God who make it happen but it depends on what you choose to do. It says when you plant a seed now it’s you who is the source in between you and God, you are responsible for the process from start to end to make sure the seed grows into a tree.

There is a gap between Lyari and outskirts of Lyari, drugs and violence eruption and its information to others has caused a miss-informed decision to outside of Lyari. Great kudos to “” to surface some of the rare exceptional talent to change the image and perception of Lyari! It is really admirable but its internet only.

There is enough base available to start within Lyari but climbing the ladder needs to be achieved. For example, if kids are helped to continue to complete the education for any level or any talent form government or private schools and colleges complete education. How to go to next level to secure a specialization.

THE trend of ‘private English schools and tuition’- Parents have lost the idea, it is believed sending kids to English school and tuition will make kids succeed. In reality, it’s become the reason of gap between parents and kids. Success lies in child development from home. First, parents are not educated enough to provide in house development, second, they pay a higher education expense. Actually, they have lost the faith in government schools and started to believe in private schooling and tuition. The problem becomes worst as most of the schools in Lyari are just to do business rather providing quality education.

Child’s natural tendency, his/her passion, proper development environment and success factors are lost. To compete with other parents, parents often ask their kids infront of other kids or parents about choosing the profession in future. They often reply their passion of being a pilot, doctor or engineer. They have been trained to answer this fluently but the question arises is, HOW? I mean without the proper early education system; how can they climb the ladder of higher studies?


I remember when my sister sister was enrolled in Eleventh grad (1st year) in KMA Girls College Kharadar. One day at the college, my sister opened one of the text while another student was sitting beside her, the first words my sister heard from this student were in Balochi:

[(Ai Choon Wanag Ban) = (How to study this text)]

She was not referring how to read but to how to study? Somehow this girl, one of the few made it to 11th grade but she was struggling to continue and have academic quality. To get some political benefits, they have made some government colleges in Lyari but some of them are consisted of just name and structure. It is like building a factory without production.

It’s a “Tion” problem. Balance between ‘population’ and ‘education’ is missing to align with Religion’s guidance. Lyari can be seen as a plant/farm, measures should take place check the quality of production.

Checking Lyari funds allocation in the sky, where it disappears, raising voice for Lyari by maintaining a website is an excellent start but it goes up to a not enough. More action is required to succeed. It’s the people’s development what is needed.

With nature’s provided ability, only few resources are enough to succeed if provided in a proper form and way. It doesn’t need to be luxurious and fancy. We have to single out education as a vital tool in bridging the gap between Lyari and outskirts.