Breaking Stereotypes, ‘Motorcycle Girl’ Premieres in Karachi

Breaking Stereotypes, Motorcycle Girl, Premiere, Karachi, Sohai Ali Abro

‘Motorcycle Girl’ premiere was held in Karachi. This film is a biopic on Zenith Irfan and her achievements. Zenith is the first female biker to take a solo journey to Pakistan’s northern areas. It was premiered in Karachi. Showcasing the feat of a young girl challenging stereotypes.

Motorcycle Girl has been directed, written and co-produced by Adnan Sarwar, a talented young Pakistani actor, director, musician, screenwriter, and producer who made his film debut in the biopic, Shah. Starring Sohai Ali Abro and Ali Kazmi, Motorcycle Girl is the second installment of Adnan Sarwar’s planned ‘Heroes Trilogy’ as he brings another real-life story of a Pakistani hero to the big screen.

The movie fits perfectly with Telenor’s brand philosophy of empowering Pakistanis so that they become the better version of themselves. “At Telenor Pakistan, we have always been a strong advocate of individual empowerment. Telenor wants to enable Pakistanis with the power of its data so that they can achieve more and become a better version of themselves. Zenith’s story is a strong voice with which we can perfectly match our brand philosophy of doing more and achieving more,” said Umair Mohsin, VP Circle South at Telenor Pakistan.

A L S O  R E A D

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The movie narrates the story of Zenith Irfan, 21, an old girl who makes the courageous decision to break free from societal shackles and breaking stereotypes embark on a solo motorcycle trip to the Northern areas of Pakistan Upon discovering her father’s dream of traveling from Lahore to Khunjerab on a bike.

The movie portrays the life of a working female in Pakistan perfectly. Topics like male dominance, work pressure, harassment, and other issues are discussed in the film. The movie shows how females are oppressed by even by their own family members as the ‘head of her family’ scrutinizes her for doing women empowering stuff.

Zenith aims to empower more females all around Pakistan to stand up for themselves despite all the stereotypes and hurdles