Ayub Khan – An imaginative artist and determined educationist – Hamara Lyari

Creating change through arts

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Have you heard about a so passionate and interested person who used his sister’s makeup to draw some arts? Let me introduce that zealous artist from Lyari to you.

Ayub Khan, a resident of Lyari, has been interested in painting and drawing since childhood. His interest towards painting was so high that even though he didn’t have any markers or colors, he would use his sister’s make up items to draw. His paintings were not appreciated even by his own father, proved himself a determined and enthusiastic child by continuing what he loved to do. He kept making drawings that would delight him in his free time. Soon he got appreciation from his teachers who became a source of encouragement for him. That was the time when he started taking part in several school-level art competitions. He secured the first position in an art competition by Toyota Motors and awarded ‘The Best Artist’ by Karachi Youth Festival.

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When he was in 9th grade, he volunteered in the International Peace Day Program. From there he was highlighted as TCF representative and later participated in USAID challenge to compete with 40,000 students. To distract him, a lot of people told him that he would not be able to make it further but it was his belief in him that he was selected in the TOP 40 as peace representative and change makers of the country. Later he was selected as Top 3 to represent Pakistan.

He has been involved as an artist in an initiative of I AM KARACHI to promote peace through art. That effort was to replace negative and politically charged graffiti around the city with illustrations of peace, tolerance, and diversity.

Recently, Ayub held his first ever exhibition of his 100 unique pieces of art at the National Museum Karachi. With the income earned from his show, he initiated his educational organization, School of Stars (SOS) and opened its first campus Nehroz Khan Campus in an underprivileged area of Machar Colony. He intends to start more 4 campuses in the year 2017, one of which is in Lyari.

Recently, he has been nominated for scholarship in Pakistan’s top art college. Where he plans to pursue textile design. Team Hamara Lyari wishes good luck for his future.