Asma Baloch – promoting girls’ education in Lyari


Asma Baloch, the Founder of WAAN, is a brave girl, who hails from the slums of Lyari, with a vision of promoting girls’ education in Lyari. She used to discuss with her colleagues, when we were working together in Media, about the girl power and their education. She believes that girls’ education and empowerment is necessary for the betterment of Lyari. The abysmal situation of her area inculcated in her a new zeal and spirit to do more and more. Nothing stands in her way.

WAAN, Women

She initiated Waan-Women Association And Nurturing, is a social organization which assists the girls, particularly those who cannot afford educational expenses, in acquiring education. WAAN has taken up this responsibility on its shoulders to educate the girls free of cost and uplift them in fulfilling their dreams.

WAANIt not only promotes education in girls but also nurtures young and needy girls by engaging in others activities such as games, and sports.

WAAN, LYARIHer organisation, WAAN-Women Association And Nurturing, is located in Lyari. People always ask about individuals, the costs of such initiatives and undermine the invaluable contributions of such shining stars. Yes, she is a Baloch, is the answer to all those who are repeatedly asking about it. But again I say, above all, she is a human and a philanthropist. Kudos to her vibrant and selfless struggle, Asma Baloch, my salutations and respect for all that you are doing to uplift the neglected, the dejected and the oppressed of Lyari area

Receiving Women Excellence Award 2017-18 for social services organized by Mehak Organisation


By: Hameed Baloch