Asim and Adil performing live

Asim and Adil, twins, are vocalists and song-writers from Lyari. They were born and brought up in well-educated family. They have decided to pursue career in music and film making industry As they were very passionate about music and they knew that this thing can make their dreams come true. They also believe that their passion and love for music is the reason that they are far from the social evils and bad activities.

Asim and Adil are doing their bachelors in Media Arts from Karachi University. They are good in studies too. They know that musicians are having a tough time in here and always criticized by the society. But they did not let it be a bugbear in pursuing their dream.

Their love for music was triggered when they started singing in their friends’ circle at a very young age. They started listening to different genre music and participated in the different singing competition. Their father, Abdul Wahid, who is a professor, always supported and encouraged them in their process of learning and performing. This process of uplifting from home made them stronger despite having rejections and criticism from society.

Later they started learning properly from their teacher, Shahzaib Ali at Arts Council of Pakistan, where they got a chance of proving their talent in front of big names in the industry.

Asim and Adil Baloch on the set of Braadri Broadcast

Soon their talent was recognized by Braadri Broadcast. Braadri Broadcast is a live music video show featuring an all traditional, all acoustic 32-piece Desi Pakistani Orchestra, performing 10 original music compositions with original poetry in 10 Pakistani languages: Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pashto, Siraiki, Shina, Brusheski, Marwari, Hindko and Urdu. Where they sang ‘Koho Talara, Des Panjab De’, a Balochi Punjabi song And Pakistani song. Whereas two songs on W11 and Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi as backing vocalists. The collaboration of folk instruments, Balochi and Punjabi language made this song unique and attractive. This moment stands out for them which encouraged them and helped in promoting their talent.

They believe they can contribute to their society through music. Their music is about spreading peace, harmony, and love through which they try to tackle negative thoughts about Lyari and Balochi language.

Adil and Asim, both are active in social activities as well. They have been playing their part in many events and projects for social service through various platforms. One of such events was Lyari Junior Leaders’ Conference which was held at Regent Plaza, Karachi on 14-15, June 2014.

They love film making too and believe that to be the powerful tool in highlighting social issues. This is the reason which took them to Karachi University’s Visual Studies department where they are doing their bachelors.

lyariBeing from Lyari, they cannot say no to the craze of football. They do not miss any match of their fav teams. Being busy with their studies throughout the week, they always take some time to play football on weekends in grounds nearby.

With their talents in music and film making, twin brothers are determined to represent Baloch community and traditions not only in Pakistan but on international platforms as well and to contribute in bringing social change.