Aqsa Kausar, Pakistan’s First Female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning

First Female Google Developer,
Aqsa Kauser, an engineering graduate from The National University of Science & Technology, has become Pakistan’s first female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning.
Aqsa obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a CGPA of 3.79. In such a young age, she has contributed vastly in Machine Learning field. What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is the application of scientifically studied algorithms and statistical models that enables the system to learn and improve automatically from experience without explicit instructions.
Aqsa Kausar has many contributions to her name, she has organized many workshops in events such as Google DevFest 2018 and Google Cloud Next Extended 2019 which were held in Islamabad. Recently she took part in Google’s Machine Learning Train-the-Trainers sessions in Singapore.
Aqsa is currently associated with a software firm Red Buffer.
She writes blogs in her spare time for Medium, an online publishing platform. She urges the students of Pakistan, women especially, to learn about Machine Learning as it offers a promising future. She said, “I believe more women should step forward and make use of this amazing opportunity. Not just for their personal growth and networking, but also to widen the culture of knowledge sharing in Pakistan”
She has staunch believe that women are no less than men and can work in any medium, any field in the world.