Adeel Wali Raees

adeel wali raees

Adeel Wali Raees, born on 16th February, 1989 in the family of an artist Wali Raees, who himself has been a prominent name in Lyari for film making and acting. Adeel Wali Raees has been working as film writer, director and producer.


He started acting when he was only 7 years old. As a child star, he acted in his father’s directed Balochi movie ‘Karachi Maara Nasachi’. Later on he acted in different movies. In 2015, he played the character of Shamsher Baloch in the movie Shah, which is the biography of great boxer Syed Hussain Shah. Though it was not a leading role but coming on big screen was a great achievement for him.

Film Editor

In 2009, his passion and somehow need of the time took him to film editing. He got minimal training and became proficient due to his determination and learning new skills’ thirst. He edited hundreds of Balochi songs’ albums and feature films of Sindhi, Siraiki, Pashto and Balochi.

Short Film Making

He got interest in short film making and started working with some of his friends first but due to some reasons he got apart and started up his own AWR Production. Alike in other fields, he proved himself in short film making as well.

His short film 2X1=2, which is based on education right of street children, got 1st position in the category of Best Short Films in Expo Pakistan and has been nominated in Dubai Film Festival too.

Poster, a mobile short film by him, was selected in Paris Mobile Film Festival. Bakht, another short film has been nominated in Busan International Film Festival.


Lyari Film Festival Award for Best script for his short film 2X1=2 in 2015.

Lyari Film Festival Award for Best Editor for his documentary Wheels.

Expo Pakistan Award for Best Short Film for his short film 2×1=2

Arts Council Pakistan Award for Best Short Film Special Award for Click.

And almost 9 more awards in different categories.


Adeel comes with inspiring stories mostly on social awareness. He writes and make shorts films on the factors which are normally found everywhere in our society. He believes that short films and documentary films are to create awareness of social justice and activism.

While asked for advice to young generation of Lyari eager to learn about film making he said,

“Patience is everything, be patient and utilize whatever resources you have whether you have a mobile phone or just a normal digital camera. Spend time to learn new skills and practice as that makes you perfect.”

Here are some Pictures of Him while shooting and Short film posters too.