Basit Ali – The Youngest Motivational Speaker of Pakistan from Lyari

Motivational Speaker, Basit Ali, Lyari, Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, Pakistani youth

Let’s meet Basit Ali. Basit is a young trainer, theatre practitioner and motivational speaker from Lyari. He began motivating people back in 2013 when he was only 15. Yet he worked with up to 7000 youth all over Pakistan with more than 50 sessions so far. He has been involved with many projects and organizations. Currently, he is affiliated with Dreams of Youth, Lyari say Yari and as a trainer with Azme Naujawan.

Motivational Speaker, Basit Ali, Karachi, Lyari, Pakistan, Pakistani YouthBasit was born on 11th February 1997 in a middle-class family of Lyari. He received his early education and was in his 10th grade when he got a chance to be part of Junior Leaders Conference 2013. That was the very moment when he identified his strength and the problems in the society. He realized that soft skills, career guidance and motivation of doing something were the biggest problems. That made him work on his strength for the betterment of the society thus he decided to become a motivational speaker.

“I was a very weak student in my school. My results were not so good. While teachers always degraded me instead of motivating me to change myself. In the conference, I realized that whatever I faced throughout my school life I should not let others go through the same.” said Basit.

Motivational Speaker, Lyari, Karachi, Pakistan, Pakistani YouthOnce realized his strength, Basit could not go forward to be a trained trainer because of financial issues. He found a solution to that and proved himself a quick self-learner through watching training videos on YouTube and reading books. Within one year, he became versed in sharing the stage with the best trainers of Pakistan.


“You have changed my life” this is the sentence which makes him keep doing. For him, seeing changes in Pakistani youth after the session is everything. He wants to change as many lives as he can through his training and motivational sessions.

In future, Basit would like to pursue a career in marketing while keeping his motivating mission alive.

Motivational Speaker, Karachi, PakistanBasit Ali calls Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal his role model. He says, “ Allama Mohammad Iqbal declared youth a symbol of hope and a bright future for a nation. Throughout his life, he struggled to awake Muslims, especially youth from deep slumber. He urged the society to write their fate on their own instead of depending on others. I always convey his message in a way to the youth which is understandable to them.”

Basit Ali demonstrated that with enthusiasm and determination, Pakistani youth can achieve their goals. The only challenge is finding your strength. Once you find that out, you must act enthusiastically with positive energy to achieve what you aim for.

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