14 reasons to be proud of being Pakistani | Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistani, Pakistan Independence Day
As Pakistan’s Independence Day comes around, people across the country are busy in preparation to celebrate the day with patriotic zest. The streets are full of national fervour throughout Pakistan as people buy patriotic merchandise like flags of different sizes and clothing apparel.
This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity. People attend the national parade and visit monuments and other places of national significance to celebrate this day. People mostly dress up in green and white, which are the colours of Pakistan’s flag.
The pure land of Pakistan has many talents and achieved many remarkable achievements so far.
Here we have gathered some interesting and little-known reasons to be proud of being Pakistani.
  1. Pakistan is the world’s first and only Islamic country with nuclear power.

  2. Pakistan owns the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world.

  3. World’s only fertile desert – the Tharparkar desert – is in Pakistan.


  4. Pakistan armed forces are the sixth largest in the world and the largest ones among Muslim countries.

  5. 27% of total land area in Pakistan is under agricultural cultivation. It is three time more land area than Russia. Which makes Pakistan ranking number 4th in rice and cotton producers and suppliers.

  6. Pakistan is the land of the oldest civilizations in the world – Indus Valley and Moen-jo-Daro.

  7. After Turkey, Pakistan is the only Muslim country to open combat jobs for women.

  8. Gawadar sea port is the world’s largest sea port.

  9. The KaraKoram Highway, which connects Pakistan and China is the world’s highest paved international road.

    Korakaram Highway

  10. Tarbela Dam in Pakistan is world’s larges earth filled dam.


  11. Pakistan has 4 out of the top highest peaks in the world; K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world.

    K2 the highest peak of Pakistan

  12. The tune of Pakistan’s national anthems ranks 1st in top 3 tunes of the world.

    National Anthem

  13. Pakistan has the largest network of ambulance service – Edhi Foundation.

  14. Pakistan has the fourth largest broadband system in the world.

These are not only reasons to be proud, there are many more.

Happy Independence Day!!!

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